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Trees and hedges


People in urban areas may have disputes about trees or hedges on their neighbour’s land. The Trees (Disputes Between Neighbours) Act 2006 provides a process for resolving disputes between neighbours about trees and hedges. A person who wishes to have a tree or hedge on the neighbour’s land pruned or removed, or who wishes to obtain compensation for damage to their property caused by a tree on a neighbour's land, may apply to the Land and Environment Court to obtain these orders. The application is allocated to Class 2 of the Court’s jurisdiction.


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Find out more about how the Court deals with tree and hedge disputes in Class 2: tree disputes and local government appeals. Follow the links to find out how tree and hedge disputes are started, dealt with by the Court and finalised.

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Trees and hedges    

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Need to find out how to make an application for orders in a tree or hedge dispute? Go to  Class 2: tree disputes and local government appeals.

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