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Judicial review and civil enforcement process                


These pages describe proceedings that may be brought before the Land and Environment Court for:

  • civil enforcement of the planning or environmental laws specified in s 20(1) of the Land and Environment Court Act 1979 (referred to as civil enforcement proceedings)
  • judicial review of decisions and conduct of local and State government authorities and officers under the planning or environmental laws specified in s 20(2) and s 20(3) of the Court Act (referred to as judicial review proceedings).


The term ‘civil enforcement’ means seeking orders that:

  • stop people breaking the law

  • require people to obey the law

  • remedy damage or harm caused by breaking or failing to obey the law.

The term 'judicial review’ means asking the Court to review whether decisions or behaviour of government agencies or people have followed the law and, if not, requiring them to make a new decision or behave in accordance with the law.

The Land and Environment Court can hear and finalise proceedings for civil enforcement and judicial review under s 20 of the Court Act.  These cases are allocated to Class 4 of the Court.

These pages outline:

  • proceedings that can be made in this Class

  • who has the right to bring proceedings

  • when the proceedings must be commenced

  • how to start the proceedings

  • what to expect during the course of proceedings.

How to use these pages

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