Judicial review and civil enforcement process: at the second directions hearing

Venue, date and time

The second directions hearing will again be conducted on a Friday by the List Judge on the date fixed at the first directions hearing, in a court in the Court’s building at 225 Macquarie Street, Sydney.  The location of the Court and the precise time of the day will be published on the Court Lists on a notice board in the foyer of the Court’s building and on the court’s website in the afternoon of the day before the second directions hearing.  The Sydney Morning Herald may also (but does not always) publish the Court Lists on the morning of the date set for the directions hearing.

Estimate of hearing time

The parties are to hand to the Court a realistic agreed estimate or their own versions of an estimate of the hearing time, broken down into the elements of the hearing.

Completed minute of proposed directions

The parties are to hand to the Court at the second directions hearing an agreed or their own versions of a minute of the directions they propose the Court should make to prepare the matter for hearing and facilitate the just, quick and cheap resolution of the appeal.

Making and recording directions

The List Judge will make directions, including fixing the matter for a final hearing and making directions for the filing and serving of the Court Book and opening submissions.  These directions will be stated orally.  The parties should record the directions made, including importantly the date, time and venue of the final hearing.  A written copy of the directions made is not usually sent to the parties.

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