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Process for making claims for compensation for compulsory acquisition of land              


This section describes claims that may be made to the Land and Environment Court for compensation arising from the compulsory acquisition of land by State and local government authorities.


The Land and Environment Court can hear and finalise proceedings involving such claims for compensation under s 19(e) of the Land and Environment Court Act.

Claims for compensation may be made in accordance with the:

Claims of this kind are allocated to Class 3 of the court’s jurisdiction.

These pages outline:

  • claims that can be made in this class
  • who has the right to make a claim
  • when the claim must be made
  • how to file a claim
  • what to expect during the course of the claim.

How to use these pages

Use the links in the boxes on the left side of your screen to follow the steps in the process. The sixth and subsequent steps reflect the Court's Practice Note - Class 3 Compensation Claims.







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