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Residential development appeals process                


These pages describe appeals that can be made to the Court against a consent authority’s determination concerning certain kinds of residential development and other developments that are referred to in s 34AA of the Land and Environment Court Act 1979


Development types covered here are:

  • development of detached single dwellings (houses) and dual occupancies (including subdivisions),
  • alterations or additions to detached single dwellings (houses) or dual occupancies or other developments described by the regulations.

The Court refers to these types of development as residential development. Appeals concerning residential development are dealt with by a particular process. This involves two steps: first, a conciliation between the parties and second, if the parties cannot resolve the matter by conciliation, a hearing and a decision by the Court.

The Court can also order proceedings in other classes to be dealt with in this way (see s 34AA(1)(b)). These pages outline:

  • appeals that can be made in this class
  • who has rights of appeal
  • when the appeal must be made
  • how to file an appeal
  • what to expect during the course of the appeal. 

See a map of the residential development appeals process 

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