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Appeals against Land and Environment Court decisions    


Appeals can be made against decisions of the Land and Environment Court.

The nature of the appeal and the Court to which the appeal is made varies depending on:

  • the type of proceedings

  • the type of decision or order

  • whether the Court was constituted by a judge or a commissioner. 

These pages describe the processes for:



Fast facts       

In 2017, there were 12 appeals against commissioner's decisions determined by the Court. This represents 0.6% of all commissioners' decisions in 2017 in Classes 1, 2, 3 and 8.

Of the finalised appeals:

  • 83% were dismissed
  • 17% were upheld.

In 2017,  12 appeals were filed against decisions of the Court in civil matters to the NSW Court of Appeal.

Of appeals finalised in the NSW Court of Appeal:

  • 73% were dismissed
  • 27% were upheld in full or in part.

Of the appeals finalised in the NSW Court of Criminal Appeal, both were upheld in full or in part.