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New Commissioner of the LEC
8 December 2011
NSW Attorney General, Greg Smith SC, today announced the appointment of Ms Susan O'Neill as a Commissioner of the Land and Environment Court of NSW. Ms O'Neill commences on Monday 30th of January 2012.    

Hon. Mahla Liane Pearlman AO
The Judges, Commissioners and staff of the Court note, with sincere regret, that the esteemed former Chief Judge of the Land and Environment Court (1992-2003), the Hon. Mahla Liane Pearlman AO, passed away early this morning after a long and courageous battle with illness ( see more).


Latest Housing NSW's figures
21 November 2011
Housing NSW's median sales prices for all dwellings by LGA for the June 2011 quarter.    Metro Rural


Judicial Newsletter
27 October 2011
Vol 3 Issue 4 of the Judicial Newsletter is now available. Click here.


2010 Annual Review
29 September 2011
The Court's Annual Review 2010 is now available.

Court Appointments
21 September 2011
The Hon. Michael Francis Moore has been appointed as an ActingJudge of the Court for the period commencing on 3 October 2011 until 16 December 2011. 

Mr Anthony Logan McAvoy has been appointed as an Acting Commissioner of the Court from 21 September 2011. Mr McAvoy has expertise in Aboriginal land rights.  

Tree Dispute forms
The Chief Judge has approved a new Tree Dispute Application form (Form C), which replaces version 2 of the same form. The new form takes effect from 19 September 2011. 


Court Appointment
Commissioner Graham Brown has been appointed as the Acting SeniorCommissioner of the Court from 25 August 2011 to 24 February 2012. 

Latest Housing Nsw's figures
23 August 2011
Housing NSW's median sales prices for all dwellings by LGA for the March quarter 2011 are now available.  Metro Rural

Judicial Newsletter
August 2011
Vol 3 Issue 3 of the Judicial Newsletter has now been published.     


Filing fees
29 July 2011
Court fees have been increased as a result of amendments to the Civil Procedure Regulation 2005 and the Criminal Procedure Regulation 2010. The new fees are effective from Monday 1 August 2011.


Review of planning law
On July 12, the Minister for Planning announced that a review would be undertaken of the planning laws of NSW. He announced that the review would be co-chaired by Senior Commissioner Moore (who has taken leave from the Court commencing on 22 July) and former Labor Minister Ron Dyer. (22 July 2011)


New Practice Note
The Chief Judge has issued a new Practice Note for Class 3 Compensation matters.

May 2011

Latest Department of Housing Sales figures
Latest Department of Housing sales figures December Quarter 2010.   Metro Rural

April 2011

Judicial Newsletter
April 2011
Vol 3 Issue 2  of the Judicial Newsletter has now been published.

Unreported Land and Environment Court judgments
(12 April 2011)
The registry's collection of the unreported decisions of Land and Environment Court judges is now managed by the Land and Environment Court library. If you seek a copy of an unreported decision of a judge, you may contact library services by phone on 8688 7000 or email to to determine if the decision that you require is available. You will need to know the case title and the name of the judge who gave the judgment. A charge will apply for the delivery of the judgment to you at the library rates.

If you wish to obtain an unreported judgment from the court file and the judgment is not available through the Land and Environment Court library (e.g. commissioners' decisions) contact the registry with the case number and proceedings title. A charge will apply for the provision of the judgment, and an additional charge may be levied if retrieval from an external storage facility is required. Consult the Schedule of Fees to determine the latest fees involved.

March 2011

Information sessions on new mandatory conciliation-hearing process
(24 March 2011)
The Department of Planning and the Land and Environment Court are holding a number of information sessions on the new mandatory conciliation-hearing process for residential development appeals and on the new internal review of Council decisions.

February 2011

New Instrument of Delegation
(28 February 2011)
The Chief Judge has issued a new Instrument of Delegation to Registrars pursuant to section 13 of the Civil Procedure Act 2005. The new instrument gives the Registrar power under s34AA of the Land and Environment Court Act 1979.

Mining Warden's Court decisions
(18 February 2011)
The Mining Warden's Court decisions are now available and are sorted separately by year, alphabetical order, and categories.

Latest Department of Housing figures
(15 February 2011)
The September quarter 2010 Department of Housing median sales prices for all dwellings are now available.   Metro Rural

Judicial Newsletter
(1 February 2011)
Vol 3 Iss 1 (pdf) of the Judicial Newsletter is now available.


New Residential Development Appeals webpage
(17 January 2011)
The Court has developed a new Resisental Development Appeals webpage to provide information to Court users, legal practitioners, experts and the general public on the amended residential development appeals process which commences on 7 February 2011.

New Practice Note
(10 January 2011)
The Chief Judge has issued a new Practice Note for residential development appeals, commencing 7 February. The practice note implements the new streamlined process for resolution of residential development appeals, which was introduced by the Planning Appeals Legislation Amendment Act 2010 (the Act). The Act introduces a new s 34AA to the Land and Environment Court Act, which requires a mandatory conciliation and arbitration process for development appeals concerning single dwellings and dual occupancies (including subdivisions) or alterations and additions to single dwellings and dual occupancies. Section 34AA commences on 7 February and will apply to all residential development appeals commenced after 7 February.

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