Land and Environment Court

2004 Announcements


Latest Department of Housing figures
18 November 2004
Latest Department of Housing median sale​s prices all dwellings for June Quarter 2004.   MetroRural

Notice to Practitioners: Range of hearing dates
15 November 2004
Practitioners are reminded that it is important that the courts resources are efficiently utilised and for this purpose a range of available dates is maintained by the Registry. The court expects parties to organise their matter including expert evidence, which may include the evidence of an expert appointed by the court so that it can be fixed for hearing within the available range. Only in exceptional circumstances will a matter be fixed for hearing outside the range.
 Chief Judge

New Fee Schedule
24 June 2004
Latest Court Fee Schedule is effective 1 July 2004
Amendments to Court Rules
07 May 2004
Land and Environment Court Rules (Amendment No.12) 2004 - Gazetted on 7 May 2004
New listing arrangements
26 February 2004
Callover listing arrangements from 1 March 2004 - Classes 1 and 2

By direction of the Chief Judge, new matters in Classes 1 and 2 of the Court’s jurisdiction will be listed for first callover 6 weeks from the date of commencement.

The exception will be if the applicant tells counter staff on the day of commencement that the application will be served on the respondent sooner than the 7 days provided for by clause 3 of Practice Direction 17. In this case, the date of first callover will be 5 weeks from the nominated date on which service will be effected.

PLEASE NOTE: Respondents in matters (usually local councils) can choose to be automatically advised of any new matters commenced at the Court via the LEC’s eCourt computer system. Councils who wish to receive this instant notification will simply need to establish a ‘Public User’ account in eCourt to register their details.

Court practice
25 February 2004
Additional information for parties regarding the changes to the Court's Rules and Practice Directions.

To assist those parties with respect to the changes in 2004 to the Court's Rules and Practice Directions , the Chief Judge has issued the following information:
'The changes to the Court's Rules and Practice Directions which commence on 2.2.04 and 1.3.04 apply to all matters irrespective of whether the court action started before or after the commencement date of those Rules and Practice Directions. Note that the Court will apply these Rules and Practice Directions from their commencement dates where they are reasonably capable of application’
 Chief Judge

Changes to Court Rules
20 January 2004 
Below is a summary of the changes to the Court Rules announced by the Chief Judge of the Land and Environment Court, the Hon. Justice Peter McClellan on 19 December 2003.

The Amendments are effective from 2 February 2004.
• Land and Environment Court Rules ( Amendment No.8) 2003;
• Land and Environment Court Rules ( Amendment No.9) 2003;
• Land and Environment Court Rules ( Amendment No.10) 2003;
• Land and Environment Court Rules ( Amendment No.11) 2003.


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