Land and Environment Court

Court technology

The Land and Environment Court actively uses technology to extend access to the Court and improve the efficiency of its processes.


To reduce the number of times parties have to physically appear before the Court, directions hearings can be conducted over the phone. This type of directions hearing takes place in a court equipped with conference call equipment and primarily involves parties and their legal representatives in country cases.

If the parties are in the country, the court automatically lists the first directions hearing via teleconference. Other parties may request a teleconference by contacting the Court.


The Land and Environment Court has videoconferencing facilities, often referred to as Audio Visual Links (AVL). External videoconferencing can be arranged to connect to the Court’s AVL system to facilitate interstate or overseas witnesses to give evidence remotely.

Parties seeking to use external videoconferencing are generally responsible for the payment of any associated fees and charges. Request to use external videoconferencing must be approved by a judicial officer. 

Any party wishing to make an application for the use of the video link facility must read the following information:

For enquiries regarding the video link facility:

Contact: Manager, Listings
Phone: (02) 9113 8200
Facsimile: (02) 9113 8222


eCourt, a secure online messaging service, allows parties or their representatives to post online requests to the registrar and receive responses the same way. Find out how to access eCourt.