Land and Environment Court

Video links - procedures for parties to arrange a video link call    


Step 1 - Preliminary arrangements

  • Ensure that you have read the Protocol for the use of video link facilities and that you are familiar with the Responsibilities of parties requesting a video link call.

  • Contact the registry video link contact officer to ascertain an available date and time for the proposed video link connection.

  • This tentative date will be 'pencilled in' (not confirmed) pending orders from the Court at the application hearing, and then the payment of the (see Protocol for details).

  • You should bear in mind the time difference between the states and countries and be able to provide this information when making bookings.

  • You should then arrange the booking of a facility at the 'remote' location from where the evidence is to be given. This is the responsibility of the party making the application — not the Court.

Step 2 - Lodging the application for hearing form

Step 3 - Lodging the court order

  • When the video link call has been ordered by the Court, provide a copy of the order(s) and pay the non-refundable booking fee to the contact officer.

  • The video link call will then be confirmed.




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